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Right now in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there are many women and children who are not safe and desperately in need of help.

You can make a real difference to young children and women in need by making a donation, volunteering your time, being part of a workplace giving program, providing in-kind support, leaving a gift in your will and more.

We are a not-for-profit charity RETREAT FOR KIDS INC (registration number: CH2895)

We need your help


Your donation will go directly towards funding our domestic violence support programs and vital accommodation solutions.

Your gift will go a long way towards changing the lives of women and children who are desperately in need.

Thank you for helping us to create a better future.

• $10 – Children’s comfort items 
• $20 – Essential underwear & hygiene products
• $30 – Pets vaccinations, medication, food & comfort
• $40 – A Mothers day/ Birthday gift for our treasured ladies. 
• $50 – Buys a meal for all occupants of the refuge
• $100 – Pamper session for a woman such as facial, pedicure or nails

 Our beautiful residents absolutely SHINE When they can buy their own NEW underwear and other needs. 

Their self worth and self esteem start to mend.

We respectfully ask for vouchers for our Women and children and NO GOODS.

We have absolutely no room, and storage became a terrible problem for us.

You can also donate money to The Sanctuary so we can support  the women, children and animals in need. 

To donate a gift voucher please send it to:

P.O. Box 9 Elanora, Qld 4221

To donate money please transfer to the account details below:
NAME- Retreat For Kids Inc 
BSB- 064 480
ACC #- 1047 8994

With the greatest most sincere thank you




Currently, we have a number of major projects required to be undertaken to achieve compliance with planning requirements and improve the facilities to enable us to deliver our essential services.  If you or a corporate partner are able to assist, the following are the projects:

  • Family Unit 1 – The bathroom requires replacement with waterproofing and termite treatment of concrete penetrations. Estimated cost $4,700
  • Family Unit 7 – We do not have facilities to accommodate a woman or child requiring wheelchair access, to comply with Government requirements and improve our service offering, this unit needs to be made wheelchair accessible. Estimated cost $25,000
  • Landscaping and earth moving – much of the open space in the paddocks is not level and not usable for gardens and outdoor activities, with the area needing landscaping to improve the comfort of residents and improve their healing environment. Estimated cost $30,000
  • Cover Children’s playground – The Children’s playground has no shade cover or protection from the elements. Estimated cost $22,000
  • Replace Family Unit doors – the glass doors on the family units do not meet current building code requirements and must be replaced with impact resistant glass doors. Estimated cost $9,000
  • Replace Family Units Roof and Weatherproof – the Family Units are not properly weather sealed and the roofing needs to be replaced. Estimated cost $10,000
  • Community Kitchen – The current outdoor community bbq area needs to be replaced with a more hygienic “camp kitchen” for use of residents that is weatherproof. Estimated cost $7,000
  • Decking around Family Units – The pet yards for 2 of the family Units are unstable and unsafe for pets, decking will resolve this. Estimated cost $15,000



The Sanctuary’s volunteers are our most important resource – without them we could not continue our work to help Women and Children in desperate need. Volunteering is a great way to help people in need, whilst having fun, meeting new people, enhancing your skills and improving your own health and well-being.

There are many ways to get involved or help out at one of our working bee events. We would love to hear from you and welcome you as a part of our community.

To get involved, Membership/Volunteer 


Workplace giving is an incredibly powerful way for individuals and businesses to make a huge difference to the lives of many women and children.

Contributing to The Sanctuary through regular payroll deductions provides both The Sanctuary and your organisation with a low-cost and low-maintenance way to support your local community and those in need.

To find out more, [email protected]


At the Sanctuary, we rely on the support of a number of generous and amazing corporate partners who continue to share in our journey and provide for those in need.

Our Corporate partners support us in many ways from donations, to providing staff time and labour, to building materials, food and clothing donations, access to networks and corporate expertise.

Without their tireless support and energy, The Sanctuary would not exist as a safe refuge for women and children in need.

Most importantly, our corporate partners have the opportunity to build deep engagement with the local community and to become part of The Sanctuary family.

To find out more about Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, contact Simone Patterson direct on [email protected]





Leaving a bequest is simple and could make a lifetime of difference to the lives of 100’s of women and children in the future.

You can choose to leave a specific amount of money, or a percentage of your entire estate, or a portion of what remains after you have provided for your family.

If you don’t have a will, you should seek legal advice on creating one. We suggest the wording below for you and your legal advisor to consider.

To leave a specific amount to The Sanctuary
‘I give to The Sanctuary ABN XX XXX XXXXXX, otherwise known as ‘Retreat for Kids’, the sum of $___ to be used for its general purposes (or name a specific purpose) and the receipt of the “Director”of that organisation will be sufficient discharge to my executor/trustee.’

To leave a percentage of your estate
‘I give to The Sanctuary ABN XX XXX XXXXXX, otherwise known as ‘Retreat for Kids’, for its general purposes (or name a specific purpose) the stated percentage ___% or fraction of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate whether real or personal and the receipt of the “Director”of that organisation will be sufficient discharge to my executor/trustee.’

To leave a residual gift
‘I give to The Sanctuary ABN XX XXX XXXXXX, otherwise known as ‘Retreat for Kids’, for its general purposes (or name a specific purpose) all of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate whether real or personal and the receipt of the “Director” of that organisation will be sufficient discharge to my executor/trustee.’

For more information, get in touch by  emailing [email protected].

For further information on Wills and Bequests
Kathleen Simpson
Principal Domestic Violence & Family Lawyer
M: 0410 288 169

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